June 24, 2007

Local favoriteMunger gets first win of the year at the Bowl

WEST HAVEN, VT -  GeneMunger was in the right place at the right time Sunday night and became thefifth different 358-modified feature winner in as many weeks at Devil’s BowlSpeedway.

Mungerinherited the lead with two laps to go when something let go in the car ofleader Don Mattison (possibly a flat tire) and hit the finish line ahead ofdefending track champion Ken Tremont Jr. to get the win in the 30-lap feature.

Mattisonand Munger started side-by-side in the second row for the feature, but it wasMattison who went right to the front and set a blistering pace. Munger movedinto second on lap six, but with the race staying green, all he could do waskeep hounding Mattison.

ButMattison, who has been experiencing a rash of problems at the Bowl this season,was hit by bad luck again with two laps to go, allowing Munger to come away withhis first victory at the Vermont track since Sept. 11, 2005. The win was the 12thof Munger’s career at the Bowl.

Tremont,who had started11th, came away with a runner-up performance, while Todd Stonewas third, matching his best run of the season. Ron Proctor and Tim Laduccompleted the top five.

Defendingtrack champion Cale Kneer posted his first win of the year in the 20-lappro-street stock feature. Chuck Towslee had the lead for the first eight laps,before giving way to Freddie Little. But Kneer, who had started eighth, workedhis way up to second by the midpoint of the feature, and then charged pastLittle on lap 15. Lori Cary, who has dominated the division this season, gotaround Little on the final lap to finish second, with Little third, Towsleefourth and Richard Glode fifth.

Thebudget sportsman made their third appearance of the season, with Alex Belltaking his first checkered flag of the year in the extra-distance 30-lapfeature. Bell took over the lead on lap 16 and then outran Adam Pierson for the win. Fred Proctor finished third, followed by C.V. Elms and Mike Visconti.

Bill Duprey led flag-to-flag to notch his first win of the season in the limited division, and Tim Anagnos came away with his first win of the year in the mini-stock feature.

Another exciting night is on tap for Sunday, July 1, when Devil’s Bowl holds American Pride Night, which will mark the Return of Megasaurus, the car-crushing robot, and a giant fireworks display. Pro-street stocks, limiteds and mini-stocks will be in action, and there will also be an enduro. Racing will begin at 7 p.m.

MODIFIEDS: GENE MUNGER, Ken Tremont Jr., Todd Stone, Ron Proctor, Tim Laduc, Vince Quenneville Jr., Don Scarborough, Rob Langevin, Matt Depew, Don Ackner, Jim Ryan, Ray Hoard, Kris Vernold, Frank Hoard Sr., Eric Mack, Don Mattison, Stan Lemiesz, Gardner Stone, Brian Whittemore, George Morse.

PRO-STREET STOCKS: CALE KNEER, Lori Cary, Fred Little, Chuck Towslee, Richard Glode, Mike Bussino, Dan Eastman, Carl Vladyka, Ed Thompson, William Hull, Jon Bates, John Turco, Jim Groncki, Pat McLaughlin, Jeremie Younger.

BUDGET SPORTSMEN: ALEX BELL, Adam Pierson, Fred Proctor, C.V. Elms, Mike Visconti, Frank Hoard Jr., Ralph Denison, Angela Hoard, Kale Groff, Josh Harrington, Ron Casey, Robert Allen, Paul Dunham Jr., Car. No 36, Butch Jelley, Jeremy Huntoon, Jared McMahon, Bruce Richards, Kris Bradbury, Frank Hoard III, Ron Wanamaker.

LIMITEDS: BILL DUPREY, Kevin Elliot, D.J. Brundige, Joey Trudeau, Francis Clark Jr., Mark Burch, Tony Condon, Steve Burch, Nicholas Byrne, C.J. Vitagliano, Bill Vradenburg, Mark Wallett, Tim Brunelle, Bill Decker, Jeremy Jones, Shannon Donnelly, Randy Alger, Justin Parker.

MINI /DUKE STOCKS: TIM ANAGNOS (6), Richard Edwards (6), Cliff White (4), Chris Murray (4), Shane Marks (4), Ron Zagata (6), Bill Parker (Duke), Chris Atwood (Duke), Justin Parker (Duke), Jeremy Hayes (Duke), Naomi Gould (Duke), Russ Farr (Duke).