Revised Finish for Devil’s Bowl Speedway Mini Stock Open Competition Race

Scoring review changes four positions

WEST HAVEN, Vt. – Devil’s Bowl Speedway officials have revised the official finish order for the Portland Glass Mini Stock division’s “Open Competition” feature race on Sunday, September 17.

A thorough review of the finish order was conducted, with four drivers moved into their correct finishing positions: Chris Charbonneau (fifth place), Dakota Desabrais (seventh), Sean Lantas (eighth), and Jason Porter (ninth). No other positions were changed; the full official finish is below:

OFFICIAL RESULTS – Sunoco Race Fuels “Carl Vladyka Memorial” Night
Devil’s Bowl Speedway Dirt Track – West Haven, Vt.
Sunday, September 17, 2017

Portland Glass Mini Stock Feature (20 laps) – REVISED 9/22/17 FOLLOWING SCORING CHECK
1. (10) Jesse Durkee, South Royalton, Vt.
2. (6) Andrew FitzGerald, West Rutland, Vt.
3. (15) Matt Boucher, Andover, N.H.
4. (9) P.J. Bleau, Cohoes, N.Y.
5. (5) Chris Charbonneau, Rutland, Vt.
6. (3) Kelly Miller Jr., Johnson, Vt.
7. (17) Dakota Desabrais, Brandon, Vt.
8. (7) Sean Lantas, Newport, N.H.
9. (4) Jason Porter, Freeport, Maine
10. (11) Willie Rice, Poultney, Vt.
11. (8) Jake Barrows, Monkton, Vt.
12. (14) Erika Lilly, Castleton, Vt.
13. (1) Ben Grant, Victory Mills, N.Y.
14. (12) Roo Forrest, West Rutland, Vt.
15. (18) Kyle Rogers, Fair Haven, Vt.
16. (13) Steve Ryan, Ballston Spa, N.Y.
17. (2) Johnny Bruno, Castleton, Vt.
18. (16) Mike Verhagen, Delmar, N.Y.
Did Not Start: Chris Conroy, Newport, N.H.; Kaleb Shepard, New Haven, Vt.; Tim Simonds, Clarendon, Vt.; Cameron Kennedy, Rochester, Vt.
Heat Winners: Chris Conroy, Andrew FitzGerald

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