July 3, 2006

Matt D gets ‘er done with drama at the Bowl

WEST HAVEN, VT - When the 2006 racing season began, Matt DeLorenzo’s original plans were to compete at Devil’s Bowl every Sunday night. Those plans changed early in the season, but after his performance in a special holiday 100-lapper Monday night, DeLorenzo might be mulling his options.

DeLorenzo passed Robert King on the final lap to score his first career 358 modified win in the 4th of July special, which treated a Kids’ Night capacity crowd to one of the biggest fireworks displays ever seen in the state of Vermont.

King drove the last 10 laps with a flat left front tire, and it was obvious on the final laps that it was the tire going down that cost him the win.

DeLorenzo’s last-lap pass spoiled an impressive run by King, who was also looking for his first career win at the Bowl. King, who had started ninth in the full 26-car field, took the lead on the 18th lap and stayed out in front, until DeLorenzo led the one important lap of the race. The victory gave DeLorenzo the winner’s payoff of $2,500, plus a bonus put up by Northwoods Carpentry Service, the night’s sponsor.

DeLorenzo had started 17th in the field, but worked his way up to third by lap 59. For a long time, it looked like he’d have to be content with third, as Vince Quenneville Jr. was running second and wasn’t going to give up the spot without a fight.

DeLorenzo used a restart on lap 76 to take over the No. 2 position, but Quenneville didn’t back off, and regained the second spot on lap 92.

After treating the crowd to lap after lap of side by side racing, DeLorenzo got around Quenneville for the final time with two laps to go, and easily moved up to challenge King, who was having handling problems because of the flat tire. DeLorenzo got the jump on King coming out of turn four and took the checkers by only half a car length to end one of the closest hundred-lappers in anyone’s memory.

King’s runner-up performance was his best finish ever at Devil’s Bowl, while Quenneville crossed the finish line third, the third time this season he’s finished in the top five. Todd Stone finished fourth, with Tim Laduc fifth, the same position he occupied after Sunday night’s feature.

Ken Tremont Jr., who had won four of the first five features at the Bowl, dropped out on the 44th lap with a bad magneto after starting scratch in hopes of collecting an extra $1,000 bonus from Northwoods Carpentry.

Lori Cary and Cale Kneer, who were literally joined at the hip during the entire 4th of July holiday weekend, led the charge in the 20-lap pro-street stock feature again, with Kneer getting the victory, his first of the year at the Bowl. Kneer and Cary had split the twin features at Albany-Saratoga Speedway on Friday night, and Cary got the win, with Kneer second, on Sunday at the Bowl. The two top runners are very evenly matched and race each other clean and hard.

The tone of the pro-street stock was set quickly, as Kneer went to the front on the second lap, and Cary pulled into second one lap later. But that’s the way they stayed, with Kneer hitting the stripe 0.572 seconds ahead of his rival. Carl Cram finished third, with Rob Langevin fourth and Fred Little fifth.

Adam Piper picked up his fourth win of the season in the 15-lap limited feature, and like DeLorenzo, he made a last-lap pass to get the victory. Kevin Elliott was the leader at the white flag, but Piper, who had taken over the No. 2 position one lap earlier, hit the finish line about a half-car-length ahead of Elliott. Mike Clark was a close third, with Joey Trudeau fourth and Randy Alger fifth.

Ken Hollenbeck notched his first win of the year in the mini-stock division, and George Sheldrick won the enduro.

MODIFIEDS (100 LAPS): MATT DELORENZO, Robert King, Vince Quenneville Jr., Todd Stone, Tim Laduc, Ron Proctor, Jim Ryan, Don Mattison, Don Scarborough, Gene Munger, Matt Depew, Mike Bruno, Adam Pierson, Dustin Delaney, Gardner Stone, Brian Whittemore, Stan Lemiesz, Ben Elder, Chris Donnelly, Chris Vernold, Frank Hoard Sr., Ray Hoard, C.V. Elms, Ken Tremont Jr., Rick Davis, Cass Bennett.

PRO-STREET STOCKS: CALE KNEER, Lori Cary, Carl Cram, Rob Langevin, Fred Little, Jeff Washburn, Dan Eastman, Donnie Williams, Will Hull, Carl Vladyka, Jonah Rule, John Turco, Justin Perry, Jeremie Younger, Rob Wood, Walt Brownell Jr., Charlie Townslee, Jim Groncki, Mike Lussier.

LIMITEDS: ADAM PIPER, Kevin Elliot, Mike Clarke, Joey Trudeau, Randy Alger, Mark Wallett, Joe Ladd, Charles Primeau, D.J. Brundige, Dave McMahon, Jeremy Jones, Bill Duprey, John Donnelly, Rob Purdy, Shannon Donnelly.

MINI/DUKE STOCKS: KEN HOLLENBECK, Ron Zagata, Mike Duclos, Tim Anagnos, Bruce Taylor, Shawn Anagnos, C.J. Vitagliano, Bill Parker, Tim Brooks, Garrett Given, Tim Reed.